Sharan Forest – Pakistan Travel Guide.

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Sharan is a beautiful, untouched forest reserve in KPK, Pakistan. The forest is dense with heavy vegetation. It is for now mostly non-commercial, hence very clean with less influx of tourists. The forest is adjacent to Manshi Top, which again is a lush green plateau. You can expect to find rich flora and fauna, dense mossy formations, mushrooms, wild fruits on trees and water streams. The locals are friendly, there is a camp site inside the forest with small huts owned by forest and tourism departments.

Quick Facts :

Name : Sharan Forest  ( pronounced as SHAA-RAAN )

Location : Paras, KPK, Pakistan

Altitude at Sharan Forest Camp Site : 2425 Meters

Max Altitude at Manshi Meadow : 2867 Meters

Stay : 1 Night Camp

Total Days : 2

If you plan to travel to Sharan Forest Happy Holidays PK would love to take you there at the Camp Site with a full excursion tour.

Paras has a small market with a few shops a few restaurants on the naran road. Happy Holidays PK tours take a normal stopover at Paras for making sure we have all the supplies and if required anything, tourists can buy easily from there. Sharan Forest : 2425 Meters Above sea level and is a beautiful forest reserve. We titled it as Untouched Beauty of KPK.

Before you reach this place, you will find another stone building about half a kilometer down the road. That one is Youth House, mostly used by young students who are coming in large groups. We did not camp at the youth hostel for it being too crowded, and told the Jeep driver to take us further up to this Forest House.

For Tours to Sharan Forest you have to reach our Help-Desk 24/7 available: 0348-5248284. We have latest Model Vehicles, 4×4 Off-Roaders and Land Cruisers and complete Camping and Trekking equipment to give you a unique experience of outdoor life. That’s how we make your Holidays Happy and Beautiful in Pakistan.

Picture Gallery:

Beautiful Scenic View of Sharan Forest KPK, Pakistan.
Ultimate Camping Experience at Sharan Forest.
Ultimate Off-Roading Experience from Paras to Sharan Forest.

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